P 150.2-10 X-TRA UK
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P 150.2-10 X-TRA UK

P 150.2

The semi-professional pressure washer for powerful outdoor cleaning

P 150.2-10 X-TRA UK

Numer produktu: 128470131

This sturdy and robust pressure washer satisfies all frequent and large cleaning tasks.

It is built for durability with a long lasting induction motor and brass cylinder heads.

It offers  good ergonomics and a large range of operation with its 10m steel armed hose.

It's perfect for those who want the toughest equipment with the very best performance.​

Ideal for cleaning horse trailers, boats, swimming pools as well as patio and garden furniture.

    • 150 max pressure
    • Metal pump with induction motor and brass cylinder head for high durability.
    • Handles all tasks on surfaces up to 60 m2/ hour.
    • Excellent mobility on all types of surfaces with built-in trolley and large wheels.
    • 10m superflex high-pressure hose.
    • Covenient accessory storage in the machine.
    • Easy storage of electric cable.
    • Built-in detergent dosage-function and regulation.
    • Long lance and telescopic handle supports good working positions.
    • X-TRA model includes trolley and hose reel.

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