"... no technical expertise is needed."- even in existing houses
Anyone can have a Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner installed in their house, and no technical expertise is needed to do so.

There are several options for installing the central vacuum cleaner, depending on the configuration of your home. The inlets are discreetly located, often in skirting boards where the 9 metre-long hose can reach the furthest. The central container can be used with or without a dust bag. Dust ­ flows into the container at such a high speed that the particles are compressed and cannot escape again. The filter in the central vacuum cleaner has a very large filtration surface which ensures perfect air ­flow.

The Nilfisk RRC (Radio Remote Control) models are eaven easier to install.

Suction unit location
The suction unit can be located anywhere in the house, and you only need access to it a couple of times a year to empty the container.
NB: The unit should ideally be vented outside living areas.

1. Garage
2. Loft space
3. High cabinets
4. Bacement

Pipe systems
Concealed and discreet installation is always possible, as the pipes needed for a central vacuum cleaner can be installed in a wide range of locations throughout the house:

• Loft space
• Eaves space
• High cabinets
• Ducts/shafts/old chimneys
• Kitchen/scullery plinths
• Basement ceilings

Connecting the system
All pipes are assembled quickly and ectively using a special glue, which forms a strong and airtight seal almost like a weld. Screws need only to be used for the inlets and vacpans. Start by installing the suction unit and work your way towards the inlets.